Ivo Foltýn


As the founder and managing partner he is responsible for the function of the group, for every essential detail, and for everything to make sense. During his studies, he started working as an analyst for PPF Investment company and during the 15 years of working for the PPF Group at various positions in the Czech Republic and the world, he has gathered experience from the best. Ivo is a graduate of VUT Brno (Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering), VŠE Prague (Master's Degree in Economics) and Chicago University (MBA).

 Lukáš Barták


Chief Executive Officer for the area of new technologies. He has been working in the group since 2013. Within the group he has moved from analytic positions through marketing management to management of the technology division. Lukáš graduated from ČZU in Prague with specialization in Operation and Economics. Within his postgraduate education he went through many Google programs.

Luboš Hovorka


Executive director of Real Estate. Luboš has been with the company since 2016, through the financial and operational management of individual branches, he assumed responsibility for the management of the real estate development division. He graduated from VŠE Faculty of Business Administration with focus in marketing and project management.

Luboš Hovorka


Investment director. Peter Lukáč has been working in the field of investment banking for over 20 years. For fourteen years, he worked at The Royal Bank of Scotland (formerly ABN AMRO Bank) as Corporate Director - Country Risk Officer with direct responsibility for the approval and quality of the bank's loan portfolio and investments in the Central European region. He has extensive experience with the investment process - negotiating, structuring and financing companies of various sizes, as well as considerable experience with distressed assets and their management. In 2008, he also worked at the ABN AMRO Bank branch in South Africa. Since 2017, he has worked in this company on various quantitative finance projects for smaller financial institutions and investment funds in the Czech Republic. Peter is a graduate of the University of Economics in Bratislava (economics engineer).

Ivana Majerechová


Executive Director for Health and Social Care. She is responsible for the overall operation and quality of health and social care provided, both infield and inpatient. She has many years of experience in health care management, has worked at Česká pojišťovna ZDRAVÍ for more than 20 years (last 13 years as an executive director). She is a graduate of the MFF UK with a major in mathematics.


We are builders of companies. We invent and implement projects ourselves, we do not work on anyone's contract. We know what we are good at and are trying to build on that. We are able to identify growth opportunities even outside of core business.  Within our business we currently employ over 600 colleagues. Nurses, doctors, care takers, programmers, on-line specialists, project managers and many more can find a job with us. We are trying to offer meaningful realization not only to the best and brightest but we also give chance to students, fresh graduates and people with medical disabilities. Where it is possible, we allow work from home as well as part-time job. We employ colleagues all over the Czech Republic. We pay our employees a fair wage, protect the privacy of our customers and minimize pollution of nature. 

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If you have ambitions to change the world with us and you didn't find yourself among the offered positions, write to us which position interests you and attach your CV and motivation letter. Send it all to info@ambeat.cz.

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